Magnetic Scrabble Board

My favorite game is now my favorite wall decoration!

I did this the easy way by simply buying a framed magnetic white board (I think it was a calendar). I found scrabble tiles at an antique store. I also found thin magnets at office depot that have one side sticky. I cut the magnets into squares slightly smaller than the scrabble tiles, peel off the paper and stick them to the back of the scrabble tiles! Don’t bother buying blank tiles, I just turned some of the others over especially if they had marks on them or were dirty. Unfortunately, I am still missing several of the more rare letters.

Then I picked out a couple decorated papers that I liked together and cut them into small rectangles. I used mod podge to cover the whole white board, placing the papers overlapping at all different angles.

Add the tiles and arrange them however you want! Change it up or have an ongoing scrabble game!


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