Photo Transfers to Wood

1 securedownload[1] (4)  These are fun and slightly addictive to make.

Use non-pourous paper, I used label paper and took off all of the labels and used the smooth side underneath.

Reverse the image you are printing so that it is correct when you transfer to the wood. Print on the paper, don’t let it touch anything, and quickly press it down on the wood. Press firmly, but don’t move around or else it will smear.

Make sure the wood is sanded smooth so the image transfers evenly.

Seal the image after it has been transferred. I’m sure there are better ways of doing this with actual wood sealer or something, but I just painted glue on top. If that was smearing the ink then I used hairspray.

So fun!

securedownload[1]  securedownload[1] (5)



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