Stuffed Animal Shelf

3This is another Pinterest find. A stuffed animal shelf with bungee cords so the kids can easily put the animals in and take them out.

Any shelf will work. Measure and drill holes in the top and bottom shelf, and any middle shelves if you want to add them. My holes are 4 inches apart. The ones next to the edge are slightly smaller.

Cut off the ends of the bungee cords and pull them through the holes. Make sure they are tight but not stretched too much. Make tight knots in the bungee cords on the bottom and top shelves. Burn the ends of the bungee cords so they do not fray.

The shelf is done!

I also added the sign that says “Kale and Serene’s ZOO”. Painted it with animals patterns and prints. Attached heavy yarn to the back and threaded it through two of the holes on the shelf and made knots around the bungee cord knots.


Now they have a fun zoo for their animals and it makes cleaning up easier and more fun!

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