He will make a way!

David plays the same worship songs each day in the van. The very first one that we hear says, “God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way.” These words have been true for this team from the very beginning, back in September of last year. It is still true for us, but it is also true for the wonderful place and people that we were able to spend the last three days with. Grace Foundation has now started five churches, two children’s centers, and one medical center. Dove children’s home currently houses 12 orphans. They live on the church property with their caretaker, Emily, in a family style setting. We went to the church service today and were so blessed to be a part of such lively, energetic and deeply passionate worship. Pastor Davis and his wife, Grace, are incredible people with huge hearts. It was awesome to hear about their mission and their vision.
There is so much more I could say about Dove Church but will have to stop because of time. We were all very sad to leave there today.

Some prayer requests for Dove Church:

They are hoping to build another clinic
The building for the second children’s home still isn’t finished. The caretakers and some of the children sleep on a dirt floor in a room without doors or windows. It costs about $200 for the floor in one room
Pastor Davis and Grace are hoping to set up a sponsorship program for the kids
Encouragement and strength for all of the teachers and caretakers
That the mission and vision of Grace Foundation will be realized. (God will make a way)
Blessings on Pastor Davis, Grace, and their children, Timothy, Caleb, Esther, Mercy, and Julia

more info about Grace Foundation can be found here.

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