Today was the final day of CCU’s garage sale! It was very successful, even after we got rained out on Saturday. We also reached our fundraising goal as a team today! That is without the money from the garage sale so now we will have money to buy donations in country or to do other projects that we see when we get there! God is so so good! This team has been in His hands from the very beginning, and He has continued to show His faithfulness to us.

I also went through some of the garage sale stuff and picked out some clothes, shoes, and bed sheets to take as donations for the trip. Art for the Nations also gave us two bags of art and craft supplies. Each bag has enough supplies for four crafts for fifty kids. It was really cool to see how this place works and to get complete crafts kits for the trip.

Today has been so good. The trip is really coming together and everyone is so excited. We are still looking for more donations so if you would like to know what we still need then you can visit our donations page. Thanks!

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New Website

I first made this website for one of my class projects last semester. Now that school is over, this will become the blog for Team Uganda. We leave in only two weeks, so this will mostly be where we will post during the trip, but there might be a few more posts before we leave. We are all so excited, and God has already blessed this team immensely! Keep checking back here for more updates!

Danica Cline

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