Playing Soccer with the Future of Uganda

On our second day at Watoto Village, we played “football” with some of the older kids. This village actually had a good sized soccer field with goal posts. We divided the teams and played mezungu and skins against shirts. We all had so much fun, even though the kids were running circles around us. The whole time that we were playing and the rest of our time in the Village, I just kept thinking, “We are playing soccer with the future leaders of Uganda!” It was quite humbling to think about that, but it is absolutely true. We were told that the school at Watoto is one of the best in Uganda. All of the children we met spoke English fluently, demonstrated their vast knowledge even on subjects like American politics, were so polite and courteous, and showed a strong faith in Jesus.

Watoto Village does not allow international adoptions because they want to encourage their children to live in Uganda and help make their home a better place. All of their students finish secondary school (which is our high school) and then they either become an apprentice of some trade or they are sponsored to go to a university. All of this education is to help them have a better future. They faced impossible situations when they were left as orphans, but can look with hope toward the future because of the opportunities that Watoto Village has made available to them. They can dream dreams that they never thought possible. They can become something that never would have crossed their minds.

The future of Uganda as a country now rests in the hands of these children. They have so much potential to affect their country and the world. They will be able to make changes for the better.

On a hot June day, a bunch of white kids were able to kick a ball around, laugh, and play with the people that will be the future leaders of Uganda. That’s pretty amazing. 🙂

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