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This post is for our incredible driver, David Baba. He has been guiding us, directing us, and answering all of our questions, no matter how ridiculous they may be. He is alwys concerned for us and has our best interest in mind. He has been protecting us even when we didn’t know we needed protection. Everyone can rest easy because we are in good hands.
He is from Arua in northern Uganda, but he came down to Kampala specifically to be our driver for these two weeks. His wife and two children live in Arua. David is a leader in his home church and ministers to orphans, widows, and street children.
We are so blessed to have him as our guide and we pray that God richly blesses him, his family and his ministry.

His wife is Justine. His five year old son is Joshua Prosper. His daughter is Jolly Easter and is one year and two months.
The ministry in Arua is called International Rural Impact Ministries

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  1. Marcy Miramon says:

    Thank you Danica for the update.! We will pray for blessings for David and his family. Please give him a hug from “alyssa’s family” 🙂 for keeping her and all of you safe and protected. I am trying not to “worry” and trust that God has you all in His care. Posts like these make it so much easier to do so, so thank you for taking the time. Blessings to all of you for the sacrifices and the difference you are all making there!!

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